my life at it stands(or wobbles) today

I have to start the story from December of 2006. Two things happened that month. I quit my moneywise smooth sailing but otherwise dull job. Second, I bought a laptop.

Almost immediately, life started screwing up.

I got a free wireless internet access card from Reliance for buying the laptop. This was in January 2007. There seems to have been some misunderstanding regarding the connection plans. I meet a person — Devarajan who is a cousin brother of my flat friend Mr. K Venkatesh.

In Feb 2007, I took GATE. It was broken to me that due to wireless internet usage, I had to pay to Reliance over 10,000. I was not earning. So, it was a humiliating experience to ask my parents to pay for my mistakes. But they paid the bill. Otherwise, Reliance was legally entitled to sue me and they told me so. Alongwith paying the bill, my parents got the connection closed for good.

March of 2007 brought the GATE2007 results. I applied for PhD(this is why I quit the job) to all the IITs and IISC.

April 2007 brought my cousin sister’s marriage. She’d just passed 10th standard and at age 15 or sixteen at that time. But the marriage happened.

In the month of May 2007, I had got call for interview from IISc only. IITs wouldn’t respond to my application. I understand taht I need something more to enter IITs but what is that will remain a mystery. But I flunk the IISc interview also. Bad things got worsening in my life.

June 2007! I was standing in a no man’s land. My heart was aching to go for PhD. I was cursing myself for the situation I got into. Parents had left it to my choice in deciding between PhD and job. My search for a professor abroad bears fruit. A lecturer at University of Sydney expresses some interest in guiding me to PhD. But there is a catch. Since my academic career so far has not had any research component, I must get 75% or more in the first semester of their MIT and then enrol to PhD. Accept that or leave me alone was his tone then.

July 2007. I meet IDP Bangalore. I apply to MIT at usyd through them. Then I start looking for some financial aids. MIT will be fully self sponsored. So, it is best that I get some interest free loans. Naturally, banks were not a choice for this. I would have been stung by their interest rates. There are too few PhD opportunities in India, but the govt. wont facilitate opening more opportunities or it won’t cut down on the loans. The govt will only heed to it when its position at Delhi gets threatened. That is unlikely since many Indians are happy to have a job that pays them in 5 figures per month.

August 2007..
(to be continued…)


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