some tidbits that I gathered about Emacs

Another never ending collection of Emacs tips.. something tells me I’ll be soon living in Emacs to do everything possible 😀

1. EmacsWiki is a great resource for almost everything about Emacs.
2. I love this blog.
3. And this blog too.

These sites apart, #emacs on is awesome!
And so is the newsgroup and gnu.emacs.sources

Today there were a few bits that I learnt from #emacs — for the most part, I was only a passive listener. Here is what I learnt today.

That weblogging from within Emacs is possible. I have to figure out how yet. But here is what EmacsWiki got. Credit to fsbot or whoever taught it this bit.

For some reason starting emacs with many files but wanting only one window to be displayed was a topic of discussion for a while.

adding the function (delete-other-windows) to emacs-startup-hook will do the job — it was told so and later confirmed by the one who started the discussion.

And just when I was about to leave the channel, another great link fell right into my lap 🙂


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