A bit of wisdom from emacswiki

I had this (setq scroll-step 1) in my .emacs file. Until I saw this page just moments ago, I never knew what the reason for mysterious lock up of display while scrolling was. Now that it is not there in my .emacs and I use only (setq scroll-conservatively 1000), I don’t understand why display gets locked up while scrolling.

I’ll see what happens if the smooth-scrolling.el is installed. Also, I never knew that scrolling was a big job in emacs. It should be, since it can display lines with multi-sized fonts. But couldn’t guess any further to reason.


2 responses to “A bit of wisdom from emacswiki

  1. Disable highlight mode and keep your setting of scroll. This might solve your problem in emacs-unicode branch. No need of smooth-scrolling.el at all.

  2. Did you mean disabling font-lock-mode? I tried, but couldn’t notice much of a difference so far. Since I do most of scrolling in ERC buffers and that was where I found the display getting locked for w hile and then jumping to the current location while continuously doing C-p or C-n.

    Besides, ERC brings up colors even if font-lock is set to nil. Is emacs-unicode branch different from emacs22 package that ships with Debian testing?

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