A sore point..

My sister was pestering me to install Tally software on the computer. She wouldn’t listen to me when I say the downloaded package from Tally Solutions’ site wouldn’t install on our Debian Lenny system.

So I did an aptitude install gnucash gnuacash-docs. I showed her GnuCash. Well, she comes over, looks at it, and in a few minutes dismisses it saying it doesn’t have “some this and that” that Tally has! I try hard to make her read the documentation. But, on Lenny, it seems bug #443916 will stop the show. It won’t let the documentations be displayed properly :(.

I told her many times over that it will be a waste of time to install Windows just for the sake of using Tally on it. She wouldn’t listen and went to my parents to complain :D. I don’t intend to install Windows anytime on the computer. One reason is I love vrms saying that of 1300 odd packages that are installed, only 5 are non-free. Those are the docs of gcc, gdb, make, emacs and another package. All docs.

So, a learning for me today from my sister. It is, you can’t convince a person to use free software unless they are looking for functionalities and they don’t care about the technicalities like this button or that option is not on the free software. This seems to be the first barrier in getting people like my sister use free software. She has studied accounting in high school and wants to use Tally to do the accounting on a computer. Curse the damned schools that taught her Tally and not the concepts behind accounting!!

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