Earning wrath by being veg

I left meat eating and egg eating from my diet some 8 odd years ago. From then on, every time someone offers me a biscuit or cake, I politely refuse to have them. They get curious to know why. I tell them I avoid eggs and meat from my diet. They scorn at me, stupefied by my refusal to have those biscuits or cakes. What is wrong? My resolution to not have them or their anger at my refusal to have something that they offer out of courtesy or affection? I don’t know.

Why I changed to veg diet is a long story whose beginnings I have forgot blissfully. That is, I don’t remember why I changed to being a veg but my resolution of remaining veg seems larger than the what made me change. So I have a blank face when people ask me, why did you change to veg diet? If I say I don’t remember, but bent up on being veg in diet, they are again stupefied!

Hard things to understand.. people. Computers are better in this regard.. they don’t ask things that they have nothing to do with and asking “why” questions is out of their scope for most of the time πŸ™‚

My surprise!! The Truth about food show on Discovery Channel says vegeterian food reduces risks of extra fat, blood pressure and salt levels and insulin levels. Most of the ground covered for being safe from heart diseases, hyper tension, diabetes and kidney faikures! More to it, the show’s participants had uncooked fruits and vegetables with only few boiled vegetables! The show called this food, evolutionary diet! So, another reason for me to be a veggie πŸ˜‰

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