First steps toward building pcc on Debian Unstable

I use a Debian unstable installation on an old P4(1.3GHz) Compaq Presario 7000 series machine. Its specs are modest and kind of antique in today’s standards. So a natural choice for trying out things.

I do ‘aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade’ once a month or so. I hope to do that more often soon. But not for now.

Here is what I did to build it on my machine:
* I downloaded the pcc CVS tree. (It is the same pcc that I had posted about just a few days back)
* Change to that directory.
* run ./configure.
* scroll up the buffer to see if any tool is missing.
* for all the missing tools, do ‘aptitude install package1 package2 …’ (I was missing flex so I did aptitude install flex flex-doc’).
* make.
* make install.

So far, I have only built it. I will post how to use it late this evening. I will hopefully find out how to make manpages from its nroff files and get a good idea over how to use it.

By the way, this is how I read manpages of pcc at this moment: ‘$ groff -Tascii -man ccom.1’ or ‘$ groff -Tascii -man cpp.1’ or ‘$ groff -Tascii -man pcc.1’.

I tried compiling a “Hello World” program with pcc. There were some include path files missing. Getting late now, I’ll try fixing those include paths and perhaps library paths as well tomorrow. 😉

No work done today. (shrug) Saturday :D. Anyway, subscribed to the mailing lists just a while back. For anything that I couldn’t fiddle with and fix, I’ll seek their help and who knows, I’ll soon end up either packaging pcc for Debian or send a few patches to the list.

I’m already looking at how to make the configure script more verbose so that people less careful like me don’t missout on the “No” of the script.


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