some upcoming slick browsers

Kazehakase, Hv3 and Midori look promising for a computer that I have here. All these look slick, with very small claims for real estate. That is a boon for my 128 meg, over six!!! year old computer. It is not my primary computer, but I don’t like to have it lying idle. So at least I can use the oold computer for some basic web browsing.

Now, I use Epiphany browser on it. Sometimes that slows down the computer a lot largely due to low RAM. It seems there are still people who use low RAM machines, and I’ll be lucky to find small browsers and other applications taht don’t hog memory on my old computer.

Just installed Galeon to see how it feels on this antique computer. Its been ages I used Galeon. It was the only browser that would work on this computer only a couple of years ago. But when I discovered Epiphany, I had almost forgot about Galeon.

PS: I can upgrade the computer. But it uses an obsolete Intel850 chipset with RDRAM. So I see it as an antique piece for anyone interested. I find this computer interesting, so I’ll not upgrade it in the foreseeable future. I’ll use my laptop for serious work and use this for some pastimes and experimenting.

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