Some old cartoons

Swat Kats and Centurions were cartoon series that were ruling the roost on Cartoon Netwrok, when I was a kid. Couldn’t find where Centurions is. Swat Kats is all available in the link given above. Some old memories from over a decade ago.


3 responses to “Some old cartoons


    This is definitely a great cartoon, with all the technology it needs. It deserves to be on DVD.

    There is an online petition for this show, that is trying to convince the people that own the show to release them on DVD which is very cool, if we get many requests from fans and others, then maybe our dream will come true.

  2. hello, u can find centurions complete series on, a romanian torrent site, no fake, i uploaded the complete series

  3. if u want an invitation just mail me, see u olg good cartoon lover, by the way swat kats rulz, best cartoon ever

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