A circa 77 year old lady, mother, grandmother in the street

There is a lady here in my street. She has been wandering this street for well over three years now. She has left her home in Rasipuram. Her sons and daughters live there. All of them have abandoned her. She happens to be a classmate of one of my relatives who lives in this street. This abandoned lady wears what the houses of this street give her, eats what is given to her. There is a temple in this street. Sri Rukmani Sametha Panduranga is the chief deity there. This lady draws some of her food from this Temple.

But when it comes to sleeping, the houses are not so hospitable to her as they were. She was let to sleep in the front portion of many houses, which took turns. As time went by, she started waking up very early and yell at the air in front of her as if there were someone. Now, her plight has come down to sleeping near the shady doors of the houses. That is to say, there is no roof on her head. The temple does not care to do that bit either. Every once in a while, someone in the street sponsors her tonsure.

Nobody in this street knows fully why her sons and daughers abandoned her. So far, only the essentials such as food and clothing are being provided by the residents of this street. There seems to be some link between her past and this street. Perhaps her childhood home was here. She refuses to leave this street. Refuses to go to oldage homes either. So there is no knowledge of any ailments she might be having.

A painful sight to see in the street. I learnt from our relative-her erstwhile classmate that her name is Sulochana. Whatever be the reason, she abandoning her home or her children abandoning her, the outcome is a real painful sight.

Anybody got suggestions about getting her return to her home? Or getting her accept to go to an oldage home?

The street name is Manikkam street. Located in Shevapet, Salem.

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