This is going to be long. So just skip over to the sections that interest you.

My name is Venkatesh. A calm, easy going person.

I was born and brought up in Salem, Tamil Nadu. My interests are wide ranging. Really wide ranging, for instance, I show the same interest in spirituality as I show in knowing about our ancestors or music. Interestingly, I am involvved in these things as a mere spectator. That is to say, I’m not a spiritual person, not an archaeologist, and not a mucisian.

Apart from interests, I love delicacies(ony veg), travelling, learning new languages, learning something in Emacs(quoting the words of its original author RMS, Emacs started out as an editor, then it became a way of living for some of us and it went on to become a religion for some of us), having new experiences in all the ways that don’t include polluting my body with smoke, liquor, caffeine, drugs, LSD, et al.

Whenever I get a chance, I love to read, swim, sleep, eat, and kill some time on IRC networks.

In between so many things, I do something in relation to programming, administration et al and get paid for doing that.

Wait! this is not what I intend to be when I retire!! I like to retire a researcher(professor, preferably) in the field of compilers or programming languages. After I retire, I would study about human languages and how those languages scale over the human users — long term goal, eh?

Besides this, I like a lot many things. Martial arts, reading, swimming, spirituality, religion, linguistics, politics, cultures, science, meditation, pondering over the fundamental questions of mankind like who am I? what am I doing here? how did I get in here? photography, music, movies, etc.

I whine and rant big time! I hate noise like hating it is my religion! I’m atheist to the point of arguing that famous I don’t believe that I believe in something as strong as the other side believes in God. Don’t worry, you’ll never get to see me doing these in the real world when we meet in person. It takes a lot of prodding from someone to get me whining and ranting and talking atheism etc. I do visit temples and churches when someone comes along with me.


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