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A free pdf suite in the making

http://www.gnupdf.org/Main_Page is wokring to make a full blown pdf suite that can be used to make and edit pdf documents.

Now that pdf has become an ISO standard and FSF has tagged GNU PDF a high priority project, a good competitor to all the non-free pdf applications out there.


Some Google tech talks on git

Git is the source control system for the Linux kernel. From the talks, git looks like it provides just the mechanisms to manage a fully anarchic development model. The ‘manage’ bit comes into the play. There is no one single boss. Instead, you can download the source tree from whoever you trust the most. ‘Trust’ is the keyword that will make more people download your source tree. The more the number of people downloading the sources from your repository, the more they trust in you and you gain that much wide recognition. Trust, being what it is, needs lots of work. So, even though git supports an anarchic model, ‘trust’ comes in to put some order in it.

Watch these videos yourself to dispel the long held beleifs of software development models.

some upcoming slick browsers

Kazehakase, Hv3 and Midori look promising for a computer that I have here. All these look slick, with very small claims for real estate. That is a boon for my 128 meg, over six!!! year old computer. It is not my primary computer, but I don’t like to have it lying idle. So at least I can use the oold computer for some basic web browsing.

Now, I use Epiphany browser on it. Sometimes that slows down the computer a lot largely due to low RAM. It seems there are still people who use low RAM machines, and I’ll be lucky to find small browsers and other applications taht don’t hog memory on my old computer.

Just installed Galeon to see how it feels on this antique computer. Its been ages I used Galeon. It was the only browser that would work on this computer only a couple of years ago. But when I discovered Epiphany, I had almost forgot about Galeon.

PS: I can upgrade the computer. But it uses an obsolete Intel850 chipset with RDRAM. So I see it as an antique piece for anyone interested. I find this computer interesting, so I’ll not upgrade it in the foreseeable future. I’ll use my laptop for serious work and use this for some pastimes and experimenting.

NetBeans becomes free now

According to http://rss.slashdot.org/~r/Slashdot/slashdot/~3/176476562/article.pl , NetBeans 6.0 Beta2 onwards, it is going to be licensed under CDDL as well as under GPL2. I’m glad this happened to NetBeans.

I don’t use NetBeans in anyway now. It was in my college days that I was looking for an IDE for Java and NetBeans figured only as a 6th or 7th hit on a Google search. I gave it a try then and liked it. But as it grew, it became too slow for my 128MB, old PC. It was at this time that I discovered about Emacs and have not looked elsewhere since. I don’t intend to look elsewhere either. So, this is just a good feeling that I get to see that an IDE that I once used dearly is now a free software(the parts that are under GPL2).

Prof. Eben Moglen’s interview at Bangalore

This article on Frontline covers the interview. For an average person it looks highly charged with legal and poiltical and economy points. But another closely reasoned, clearly thought out interview.

Richard Stallman’s interview with bsdtalk

Here it is. RMS talks with a BSD developer. RMS answers the questions with the close reasoning and clarity which I see as trademarks in his talks.